Dan Morris

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18 Ft Skiff International 3rd 2014


World Match Racing Tour Champion 2013


Extreme Sailing Series X40 – Team Extreme 2011

ISAF Sailing World Cup 49er 2011


18’ Skiff International Regatta 2010

ISAF Sailing World Cup 49er 2010



B.S.E. Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

University of Michigan 2010

“Dad!  It’s not just a sport…  It’s my life!”  Dan’s words as a six year old as his family set anchor for the night on one of the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior after a full day of blast reaching on the family boat.  He was raised on the boat from the beginning, every summer was on the boat and the winter was on the ice in Minnesota.  His dad spent the next 10 years teaching him how to be the man and sailor that he dreamt of being.  Dan was encouraged to make all of his dreams a reality.  His parents embraced his dream to be an Olympic and professional sailor.  They helped him start his own rigging company at age 10 as he began racing on a variety of big boats.  “Everything began with my father and mother.  They gave me my values, work ethic, ability to learn, mental toughness, physical toughness, and of course my hands!”


Dan lost his father, mentor, idol, and best friend when he was 16.  This would be difficult for anyone, but he was very fortunate.  He was, for all practical purposes, adopted by the Bowers family of Lake Minnetonka.  Gordy and Mark Bowers took it upon themselves to continue his training.  Dan spent the next 5 years training, racing, coaching and growing with their help.


After finishing his degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan, Dan began sailing and rigging with Scott Easom in San Francisco Bay.  Scott continues to sail with and support him with all of his sailing efforts.  Scott pulled Dan aside one day and asked him what he wanted… What did he want to be?  Dan replied “I want to be the best and I want to be a trimmer.”  Scott came back immediately with, “We’re going to make you a trimmer.”  That was the official beginning of his professional sailing career.  


The next years were filled with high level experience that will be invaluable to Liebenberg Morris Olympic Sailing.  Offshore racing frequently put him in a position where failure was not an option.  Jury rigging a failed rudder bearing meant more than a first place result, it meant the lives of the entire team.  Winning the World Match Racing Tour as the headsail trimmer required him to learn how to make a new boat he had never seen before go fast with only one day of practice.  That situation demanded that he learn quickly without the help of a coach.  Winning major races in many arenas of the sport has given Dan the confidence to know that at any given regatta, if he performs to his own standards, he can finish with great results.  The self reliance, ability to learn and self coach, and confidence that Dan has developed are the characteristics that make him such a powerful asset to an Olympic campaign.

Since 2002, The Skiff Sailing Foundation has supported Olympic Campaigns in the 49er class. Please browse above to learn about our current campaigns and consider getting involved! We are looking for Volunteers and Donors to make Olympic dreams come to life!

The 49er is a fast, challenging boat to sail. Top competitors retiring from the 49er have gone on to drive America's Cup boats, compete in the Volvo Ocean Races, and can be found on the podium at many top level sailing events.

The value of a campaign extends beyond the Olympic Games as young sailors develop skills to last a lifetime. These skills are passed down through local sailing fleets.