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So long, and thanks for all the wind - Kate Shaner and Caroline Atwood

Our month in the Bay is over and we are moving on to the next regatta, the Canadian Olympic Classes Regatta in Kingston (CORK). There we will be sailing against other FX's for the first time all summer (woo) and take part in another US Sailing Olympic Development Program clinic. We are really looking forward to training and competing at CORK but we are going to miss the Bay.

The training conditions here have been incredible. Not once in our month and two days of sailing out of Richmond Yacht Club did we have to take a land day because of a lack of wind and only once did we decide that it was too windy to continue our training session. We got experience in a myriad of wave states from short chop to three foot breakers, and we got to practice in everything from zero to two knots of current.

Family selfie with the Moodys. Thank you guys!

What we are really going to miss about the Bay though is the people. We could not have asked for more supportive, welcoming, and helpful people to have spent the last month around and we consider ourselves so incredibly lucky for that. Contrary to what we told our parents at the time, the whole "plan" to go sail in the Bay was loose at best, and we mostly made things up as we went along. Honestly we just sort of showed up in the RYC parking-lot, smiled, and it all seemed to work out. It is only now, as we are writing this reflection of the training block that we are realizing all the little (and also really big) pieces that fell in to place for us because of the amazing people here. There are some big thank yous for us to throw out here. (READ MORE!)

Kate Shaner

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Caroline Atwood

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The 49er is a fast, challenging boat to sail. Top competitors retiring from the 49er have gone on to drive America's Cup boats, compete in the Volvo Ocean Races, and can be found on the podium at many top level sailing events.

The value of a campaign extends beyond the Olympic Games as young sailors develop skills to last a lifetime. These skills are passed down through local sailing fleets.